I Found a Way to help injured wildlife

Caring for wildlife is often a 24 hour job, particularly when caring for orphaned animals who need feeding every four hours during the nightIn my first weeks in the exciting new role of Native Wildlife Campaigner for IFAW in Australia, I had the pleasure of meeting Shirley Lack from the NSW Wildlife Council.

Shirley kindly took me through ‘a day in a life of a carer’. 

Australian animals are so lucky to have an amazing network of passionate volunteers who dedicate their lives to rescuing, caring and releasing our injured and orphaned wildlife.

This is often a 24 hour job, particularly when caring for orphaned animals who need feeding every four hours during the night. These carers provide a vital community service - yet their work often goes unrecognised, with no pay or funding.  

Shirley explained most people don’t know what to do or who to call when they come across an injured animal. Well-meaning calls are often made to the police, the fire brigade or the wrong organisation – wasting time and endangering the animals’ lives.

Shirley then went on to share with me her dream of having a wildlife rescue tool that helped put people in touch with their nearest rescue organisation, wherever they were in the State.

I knew immediately that I would help Find A Way to help this dream come true.

So, after a nine month gestation period, I am delighted to say that we have made this dream a reality and are launching the Wildlife Rescue App in partnership with the NSW Wildlife Council.  

The App is the first of its kind in Australia, piloting in NSW. It is free, easy to use and is available on the Apple Store and the Android Market, or if you are viewing this page on a mobile device, by going directly to the IFAW Wildlife Rescue App website.

Please download the App today and share with friends and family and help save our precious wildlife.


You can also visit http://www.ifaw.org/WildlifeRescueAustralia for more information.

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