How are you going to celebrate World Animal Day?

There's a pair of happy elephants now!When you think of Florence, Italy, beautiful art and architecture immediately springs to mind.  But did you know that this magical Italian town is also the birthplace of World Animal Day?

Over 81 years ago, a group of likeminded ecologists grouped together to highlight the importance of animals in our world and how, with no positive intervention, many creatures may become extinct.   Inspired by the surroundings and in homage to Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, his feast day, October 4, was chosen as the official date of World Animal Day (WAD).  Over time, WAD has developed beyond a day only for Christians, and has been adopted by animal lovers from different backgrounds, beliefs and nationalities, as a day to celebrate the life and importance of all animals, and the impact they have on our lives.

IFAW – (The International Fund for Animal Welfare) shares the ideals of WAD, both a focus on action through education and encourage involvement in both young and old.

In Australia, IFAW has been rescuing and protecting animals for almost 30 years. Our team includes rescue workers, veterinarians, policy experts, campaigners, scientists, educators and the highest quality support staff all driven by a determination to help animals in need.  We work with local communities and uses political advocacy to improve policy and legislation at the local, national and international level to protect the animals we all love.

If you haven’t already celebrated World Animal Day this year by taking action to better the lives of the animals you love, then why not join our online community or become a supporter through regular donations. 

You can also join us on facebook - IFAW Australia, and follow us on Twitter at @IFAWAU.

Start a conversation, and get the whole world talking! 


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Director, France and Francophone Africa
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