With an election looming, will anyone speak up for animals?

We stand with our animal friends.If you’ve been following the federal election coverage, with less than a week to go perhaps like me you’re wondering when either of the main parties will speak up for the animals.

As they distance themselves from the carbon tax and a ban on live exports and continue to demonise so-called conservation ‘green tape’,  you could be forgiven for thinking that the Australian public didn’t care about wildlife, wild places or how we treat domesticated and farmed animals.

In a race to the bottom to show how tough and pragmatic they are in their commitment to economic growth, both leaders seem determined to distance themselves from any meaningful recognition of the biodiversity and sustainability crisis we face today in Australia, much less tell us how they plan lead us in tackling it and finding sensible, sustainable ways of living in harmony with our environment and the animals who both maintain it and depend upon it.

Election Day this year is September 7th.

Somewhat ironically it’s also National Threatened Species Day.

Australia already has one of the worst extinction records in the world, let’s hope that our new PM, whoever that might be, gives that a thought as he sets his priorities.


Help us ensure that wildlife gets a look in at this election. Send a letter to your local candidates and ask where they stand on some key issues for our wildlife.

Do please let us know what their answers are in the comments below.

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