Cyprus shelters relieved as more food arrives for cats and dogs

Cats at the Malcolm Cat Sanctuary are eager to be fed. Over the last weekend, food distribution continued in Cyprus shelters with suppliers delivering 65 bags of food (1,300 kg) to two shelters, providing support for around 320 animals.

On Saturday, the Aradippou Dog Shelter, situated near Larnaca, received 45 bags (900 kg) of dog food for its 200 residents, while the Malcolm Cat Sanctuary in Limassol received 20 bags (400 kg) of cat food for its 120 residents.

Staff and volunteers at both shelters welcomed the much-needed food with great relief.

The Malcolm Cat Sanctuary, located on the most southern part of the island, covers 1,600 square meters and is suitable for approximately 120 cats.

Thanks to its generous supporters, the sanctuary has developed great facilities including a hospital unit and an isolation unit with extended runs for nursing mums and kittens.

In a year, over 500 cats are cared for and all cats are neutered/spayed and vaccinated. The sanctuary raises funds by organising events including car boot sales, bazaars, an adopt-a-cat scheme, on-line auctions and selling merchandising.

So far, thanks to our generous supporters, the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s emergency disaster grant helped to provide food to six shelters on the island, saving the lives of hundreds of animals.

These shelters are the Argos Sanctuary in Larnaca, the Nicosia Dog Shelter, the Nicosia Cat Shelter, the Aradippou Shelter, the Malcolm Cat Sanctuary and the Sirius Dog Sanctuary in Limassol.

We will keep you updated later this week as food will reach the Paws Dog Shelter in Pafos and the remote Farmakas Shelter, the last two shelters affected by the recent financial crisis.


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