Congratulations, you helped create the world's largest marine park network

Congratulations – you made a very real and long lasting difference to help protect our precious ocean and the life it supports.Last week, the Australian Government legally declared the new Commonwealth marine reserves network ensuring that the regions around our island are now legally binding protected areas, safeguarding much of Australia’s oceans and marine life for years to come.   

In the most recent public consultation phase on these proposals, the Government received 80,000 submissions from the Australian citizenry; the majority were in support of the marine reserves. 

We’d like to thank the many thousands of you, our supporters, who spoke out for our whales, dolphins and all marine life, demanding better protection for our oceans.  

Because of you, some important areas in Australia where whales feed, breed, give birth and migrate are now better protected. This announcement marks a turning point in ocean protection and future generations will thank us for the bold steps we made happen. 

We can now proudly claim to have the largest marine reserves network in the world!

Despite this enormous step forward, the job of protecting our oceans has not been resolved overnight.

Much remains to be done to address threats facing whales and dolphins in Australian waters, including those from the oil and gas industry. In the coming months we’ll be asking for your help again to build upon the protection we’ve won and to fight for further protection both within and outside the marine reserves network.  

Next time you go to the beach or out on the water, enjoy what you have helped to protect and feel inspired by what we can do when we speak out together.

Congratulations – you made a very real and long lasting difference to help protect our precious ocean and the life it supports.

-- MC

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