BUSHFIRE UPDATE: Logging the impact to wildlife

The after effects of Australia's brushfiresAn update on the impact on wildlife casualties.

In response to the previous post from colleague and International Fund for Animal Welfare vet Valeria Ruoppolo, below we have tried to do our best to outline the wildlife casualties from this rash of deadly bushfires. 

As always, many thanks to all of the offers of help we've received from our supporters.

If you see any discrepancies, please let us know of any updated figures. 


  • Bicheno  - not one single animal has been brought in so far
  • Hobart - currently 25 animals including a wombat and echidna are being treated.
  • Southwest National Park – a Wilderness World Heritage Area – awaiting further news


  • Bomaderry Creek - 1,000 to 3,000 flying foxes have perished
  • Nowra -200 flying foxes were brought into a clinic, less than 100 survived
  • NSW wide - 260 flying foxes are being treated in other clinics
  • Warrumbungle National Park - early reports suggest that koalas will be at most risk – maybe wiping out entire populations


  • Warrnambool - rescuers report a few koalas have been rescued and some later died.


  • Currently unknown


  • 20% of the grey headed flying foxes have been lost
  • On average, 17 dehydrated koalas have been reported at one wildlife rescue group

The International Fund for Animal Welfare continues to be on hand to assist and help with medical supplies to treat those few animals that are coming in.

-- JS

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