ACTION: Last chance to save whale hotspot, Kangaroo Island

The waters near Kangaroo Island are home to many whale and dolphin species, including bottlenose dolphins ©IFAW/Scott Sheehan

Kangaroo Island’s whales and dolphins are still at risk from oil and gas exploration and this is our final chance to protect them.

Bight Petroleum are still ploughing ahead with their application to conduct seismic testing off Kangaroo Island, despite the previous Environment Minister twice demanding a higher level of environmental assessment  for this proposal.

Worryingly, Bight Petroleum’s plan to carry out seismic testing in this whale hotspot is one of many development proposals for the wider Great Australian Bight (GAB). BP has already carried out a huge seismic surveying program in the GAB and further seismic surveying has been proposed or is already underway in the area.

What is most alarming is that this entire area is known to be incredibly important for blue whales, southern right whales, beaked whales, sperm whales and many other species of whale and dolphin. It seems that offshore development in this area is planned at all costs.

The Kangaroo Island pool and canyons, where Bight Petroleum wants to search for oil and gas for almost 3 months next year, could very well be the last special place for whales in the GAB.

Click above to watch IFAW’s whale research team at work in this amazing hotspot.

Whales and dolphins are incredibly sensitive to manmade noise and the sound blasts created by seismic airguns are the loudest in the ocean. These animals use sound as we use sight and the noise from seismic testing can drive whales out of their feeding and breeding grounds, disturb communication between one another and hinder their ability to find food and avoid predators. In extreme cases, noise can cause physical injury to whales and dolphins and even death.

Bight Petroleum’s application is now with the new Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, and we need your help. Tell Minister Hunt that this whale hotspot is too special to hand over to oil and gas development.

This is the last chance we have to save Kangaroo Island’s whales, so take action now and share this action with your friends and family.

-- SL

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