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Animal Action Education programme
Our Animal Action Education programme helps children learn and care about animals

Our Animal Action Education programme helps children learn and care about animals

save our marine life

Since coming into power, the Abbott government has suspended our new national network of marine sanctuaries, and begun a costly and unnecessary review. The sanctuaries that our whales, dolphins and other marine life depend on – in places like the Coral Sea, Geographe Bay, Lord Howe Island, Great Australian Bight, the Kimberley and more – are ALL AT RISK of being cut back or erased completely. We can’t let this rollback happen.

Please send a submission to the Government’s Marine Reserves Review to help save our whales, dolphins and other precious marine life.

You can use our talking points as a guide, but they want to hear your view. The review will take your concerns more seriously if you write using your own words. Please ensure that you are polite at all times.


Sanctuaries are good for marine life and communities. The science is clear that large marine sanctuaries free from human exploitation, are the best way to protect marine life in reserves. They also provide economic opportunities for diving and whale watching tourism, bringing direct benefits to coastal communities.

Blue whales and sperm whales need protected feeding areas. The Perth Canyon Marine Reserve offers the only high-level protection for feeding blue whale habitat in all of Australia, and also provides refuge for sperm whales to feed. The protection here should be maintained and ideally extended.

Humpback whales need protected calving and nursery grounds. The Kimberley Marine Reserve created the first ever marine sanctuary for calving and nursing humpback whales on the west coast.

Protection needs to be maintained in Geographe Bay. Geographe Bay Marine Reserve is important for calving southern right whales, migrating blue whales and as a resting stop for humpback whales. This makes whale watching a major tourist attraction in this area.

Deep diving whales need marine sanctuary protection. The waters off Kangaroo Island and the eastern Great Australian Bight are known to be essential feeding areas for both blue whales and sperm whales. The areas they feed in need sanctuary protection.

Preserve the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef. Increasing protection within the Ningaloo Marine Reserve to include marine sanctuary zones would provide places free of threat for migrating humpback whales, feeding whale sharks and marine turtles to thrive.

Re-zone Bremer Canyon to conserve killer whales and sperm whales. Bremer Canyon supports an abundance of marine life, including killer whales and sperm whales. The Bremer Commonwealth Marine Reserve should be re-zoned as a marine sanctuary to promote the conservation of these whales.

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Pledge to help Koalas

A critical colony of over 200 koalas is at risk of extinction if Stage 10 of the Pacific Highway goes ahead. Please help us get 10,000 signatures on a petition to the NSW Parliament to trigger an urgent parliamentary debate.

You don’t have to live in NSW to sign. But we do need handwritten signatures so please click here to download and print the petition.

Collect as many signatures as you can and send them back to IFAW by 31 March 2015. (Address is on the petition printout)

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Make pouches for orphaned joeys


Wildlife rescuers are in need of pouches for orphaned joeys. They provide warmth and comfort, like being in their mother’s pouch. But they need to be changed regularly. This is where you can help!

Use the form to the right to let us know that you will be making pouches and we’ll give you a pattern to use to start sewing. It’s sew easy to do! Let us know we can expect a pouch from you.

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Bushfires are expected to be more ferocious and last longer, with some states already ablaze in Spring. This year, is predicted to be an especially vicious season.

Please spare a thought of the wildlife who are all too often the forgotten victims and the selfless volunteers who look after injured animals for weeks and sometimes months on end, without so much as an official thank you from anyone. Finding and getting an injured animal out of a fire ground is only the start of a long rehabilitation process. At present no government funding is available to assist carers rehabilitate and release these animals.

IFAW supports and funds the vital work of many wildlife carers, but what is really needed is for State Government / Federal Government to step up and acknowledge this unrecognised emergency service.

Please ask the government to help fund and acknowledge the service provided by wildlife carers as a critical wing of our natural disaster team. Help protect our already vulnerable wildlife for generations to come.

Simply send a quick note to your State Premier or Chief Minister, urging him/ her to protect our native wildlife. We have prepared a template email for you to send. If you prefer, you can personalise this copy to make it more effective. Please ensure that you are polite at all times.

This summer whales in the Southern Ocean will be spared from whalers’ harpoons for the first time in more than a century. But this reprieve could be short-lived; Japan has announced a new plan to restart so-called ‘scientific’ whaling in the Antarctic next summer, targeting 4,000 whales over the next 12 years. This is despite the highest court in the world, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), ruling back in March that Japan's previous whaling programme was illegal and member nations of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) just a few months ago calling on countries to refrain from submitting new plans.

Tell your MP you want to see the Australian Government doing all it can to ensure a permanent end to so-called 'scientific' whaling in the Antarctic.
We need the Australian Government and other conservation-minded countries to be piling the diplomatic pressure on Japan before the whaling boats take aim again.

We have prepared a template email for you to send. If you prefer, you can personalise this copy to make it more effective. Please ensure that you are polite at all times.


Tourism can bring enormous benefit to local communities, people and animals.  It can also do great harm to wildlife and the environment.  So if you’re one of the growing number of Aussies travelling overseas for holidays each year, it’s important to consider your personal actions and decisions.  

As part of our effort to protect animals from cruelty and commercial exploitation through tourism, IFAW has created the Responsible Traveller Pledge.  We invite you to sign it now, to read more on how to be a wildlife aware traveller, and to help promote this cause by sharing this pledge with your friends through your social media.


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