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Animal Action Education programme
Our Animal Action Education programme helps children learn and care about animals

Our Animal Action Education programme helps children learn and care about animals

Earlier this year the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that Japan's so-called "scientific" whaling in the Antarctic was illegal. This landmark judgment, which came as a result of Australia's case against Japan, meant that whales in the Southern Ocean were given protection from slaughter for the first time in more than a century. However, Japan plans to resume the killing at the end of next year.

Tell your MP you want to see the ICJ ruling respected and a permanent end to so-called 'scientific' whaling in the Antarctic.

We must ensure that the Australian government takes a strong stance to the International Whaling Commission meeting in September and speaks out against Japan issuing any further scientific whaling permits in the Antarctic or elsewhere.

We have prepared a template email for you to send. If you prefer, you can personalise this copy to make it more effective. Please ensure that you are polite at all times.

Australia is of the most biodiverse nations on the planet, but it also holds the title of having the worst rate of mammal extinction.

Yet there is time to turn this around. The Government is appointing a new Threatened Species Commissioner in a bid to save our endangered wildlife. There is only one chance to get it right so the job needs to go to someone who will take strong, co-ordinated and decisive action and be a champion for Australia's native wildlife.

Urge the Government to ensure the new commissioner is given the power and funding to save our endangered wildlife.

We've prepared a template e-mail for you to send. We encourage you to personalise this copy to make it more effective. Please ensure that you are polite at all times.


Tourism can bring enormous benefit to local communities, people and animals.  It can also do great harm to wildlife and the environment.  So if you’re one of the growing number of Aussies travelling overseas for holidays each year, it’s important to consider your personal actions and decisions.  

As part of our effort to protect animals from cruelty and commercial exploitation through tourism, IFAW has created the Responsible Traveller Pledge.  We invite you to sign it now, to read more on how to be a wildlife aware traveller, and to help promote this cause by sharing this pledge with your friends through your social media.

At present, the State and Federal Governments do not provide funding to help rescuers find, recover, rehabilitate and release animals affected by bushfire. IFAW does support and fund this vital work, but with the first fires of what is predicted to be a vicious season already upon us, we know it will not be enough. What is really needed is for State and Federal Government to step up and acknowledge this unrecognized emergency service.

Help protect our already vulnerable wildlife for generations to come. Ask the government to help fund the service provided by wildlife rescuers and carers as a critical wing of our natural disaster team.

We have prepared the following email template for you or, if you prefer, personalise it to make your own points but, please for the sake of the animals, be courteous.