Around the world, animals are in danger from habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trade, cruelty and disasters. IFAW’s Animal rescue team is there to help rescue and rehabilitate animals in distress and, wherever possible, address the root problems behind them.

Each year we rescue elephants, bears, penguins, rhinos and other wildlife that would otherwise suffer and die, rehabilitate the animals, and return them to the wild. Through our work we’ve saved captive animals from cruelty, airlifted penguins and relocated elephants.

Our ultimate aim is always to return rescued animals back to the wild. For example, our Wildlife Rescue Centre in India rescues orphan elephants and rhinos and returns them to the wild in Manas National Park.

Sometimes rescued animals cannot be released back to the wild because their injuries are too grave or because they have been living in captivity for too long. In such instances, we help place them into a sanctuary that provides life-long, optimal care for animals.

As well as rescuing animals we also address the root causes of wildlife displacement such as habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade or human-animal conflict, and work to conserve wildlife species and promote biodiversity. 

Our wildlife care and release projects include:

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