Let’s find a way to make it a quiet world oceans day

Jun 7 2013
Let’s find a way to make it a quiet world oceans day

Sunset in South Australia.Today is World Oceans Day. On World Oceans Day people around the planet celebrate and honour the body of water which links us all, for what it provides humans and all that it represents, including the wonderful marine life we are privileged to share our oceans with.

Badger cull’s second day in Parliament

Jun 6 2013
Artful Badger leads the recent #BadgerMarch in London.

Artful Badger leads the recent #BadgerMarch in London.With the e-petition on the UK Government website approaching the figure that would make it the biggest ever, and with several thousand people marching against the badger cull in central London last weekend,

K-9 heroes and the human animal bond

Jun 6 2013
Yesterday, our team helped a woman with nothing left but a tent to buy supplies

The IFAW team helped a woman to obtain supplies and food for herself and her dog – in order to maintain the bond with her animal companion, something we strive for even in the most challenging of circumstances.When I was in Sydney, Australia for work, I t

Spotlight India: 27 years in service of animals, Manas forest guard Lankheshwar Lahkar

Jun 25 2013
Mother and calf: Ganga and Dharati

Lankheshwar Lahkar.For someone who has spent half his life away from family and isolated from civilisation, 57-year-old Lankheshwar Lahkar sure is a jovial man.

Lahkar is a forest guard, currently posted at the Rhino Camp in Bansbari Range of Manas National Park -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- in Bodoland Territorial Council autonomous district in the northeast Indian state of Assam.

Spotlight India: guardians of the wild make a safe home for elephants

Jun 21 2013
Tinku and Rupa were sighted in the wild.

Rehabilitated and tracked: young elephants Tinku and Rupa were sighted in the wild, and displayed wild behaviours!This post was written by, Anjan Sangma, biologist, and sent to us by Shrestha, Sheren, communications coordinator, both members of the International Fund for Animal Welfare -