IFAW Moves Katrina Animals From Rita’s Path

Thursday, 22 September, 2005
Yarmouth Port MA
Today, IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare – www.ifaw.org) rescuers are transporting 250 dogs over 350 miles in three, 53-foot, air-conditioned tractor-trailer trucks to avoid Hurricane Rita. These dogs are the final refugees to flee the evacuated Lake Charles Animal Control Shelter.
The Hurricane Katrina animals have hopscotched across the state of Louisiana; this is their third relocation in three weeks. After their initial rescue from the floods of New Orleans, they were brought to a temporary shelter in Gonzales, then moved to Lake Charles and are now on their way to Shreveport, LA.

“IFAW is committed to doing all we can to help these animals, not only for their own sake, but on behalf of their owners who have lost everything,” said IFAW’s A.J. Cady. To date, IFAW’s teams have rescued or relocated more than 1,000 animals and assisted thousands of others.

Like the human relief effort, securing pets has been logistically complex. “Hurricane Katrina has required the most extensive animal relocation efforts since Noah built the ark,” said IFAW’s Patrick Ramage. “Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, IFAW is safeguarding these animals until they’re reunited with their owners.”

IFAW is asking for continued public support to maintain our efforts to rescue animals in the hurricane strike zones. Please visit www.ifaw.org to find out how you can help today.

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