Ballina koalas given a stay of execution

Image courtesy of Friends of the Koala
Friday, 15 August, 2014

Ballina koalas given a stay of execution


IFAW and Friends of the Koala are perplexed by today’s announcement which in effect delays the controversial Stage 10 upgrade of the Pacific Highway.  There was unequivocal evidence that the proposed Stage 10 route will result in the extinction of the Ballina koalas.  IFAW and Friends of the Koala question why the Minister hasn’t declared the proposed route completely unacceptable, but welcome the fact that he’s given Ballina koalas a stay of execution.


 “It’s a positive step that Mr Hunt has intervened, but we are deeply concerned that his approach won’t be enough to save the Ballina koalas, and it will just be a question of time before the bulldozers roll in.” Said Josey Sharrad, Native Wildlife Campaigner, IFAW. 


“We hope this decision isn’t just smoke and mirrors.  The spotlight is now on the NSW government to do the right thing.  We will be watching them closely. At the end of the day we expect the Minister to apply the full protection of the EPBC Act.” Said Lorraine Vass, President of Friends of the Koala and spokesperson for Save Ballina’s Koalas.

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