Spotlight South Africa: Watch “People of Dogs” talk CLAW

I have travelled to nearly all of the International Fund for Animal Welfare projects around the world, and have always been impressed with the quality and commitment of those teams and staff members.

One woman, however, dedicated to making her community a better place, one animal at a time, continually renews my hope, and her name is Cora Bailey.

Cora is the founder and director of IFAW’s Community Led Animal Welfare, program in the South African townships. We here at IFAW call the project, CLAW for short.

With this video produced by an IFAW crew travelling with the project, you get a chance to follow Cora and her team as they work nearly 12 hour days improve the lives of animals and people living in Soweto and other impoverished townships surrounding Johannesburg.

Cora and her veterinary team, and the selfless deeds they perform on behalf of animals are so well known in the townships, the locals call them “People of Dogs.”

Take a moment to watch this video, Cora’s is a remarkable story.

When you’re done, consider making a donation in support of Cora and her team so CLAW can continue its amazing and hopeful work. 

-- FO

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4 years ago

Thank the Lord there are good people for taking care of his creatures.
Thank you so much for all you are making. God bless you.
From France: MERCI

5 years ago

Keep up the most amazing work that you do!!!!!

5 years ago

amazing people doing amazingly good and important things

5 years ago

thank you

5 years ago

It's amazing how unselfish people can really be.. It only takes such a little bit on our part to make such a big difference in this world....

5 years ago

This is a perfect idea

5 years ago

Follow IFAW closely. Great job! Rely on Sheryl Fink in Canada for news, information and education about the Canadian sealhunt. @hschwende

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