5 animal welfare posts you may have missed

Teams from all over the International Fund for Animal Welfare program and project landscape have been particularly busy over the last few weeks. Below are only five highlights from their rather amazing collective efforts. 

1.Vets from around Mexico gather in Cozumel, helping spay and neuter island dogs and cats

Recently our partner’s the Humane Society of Cozumel conducted a mega spay and neuter campaign where vets used more than 12 surgical tables, dozens of volunteers helped throughout and a total of 810 dogs and cats were safely spayed and neutered in 4 days.

2. "Little Dudes" raise funds for animal welfare at hip German art auction

Video of some highlights from a great evening in Berlin, Germany where hundreds of curious people were pushing through the crowded room wanting to catch a glimpse of the 100 “Little Dudes”. These little dudes were created by artists from 29 countries – with part of the proceeds being donated to IFAW.

BBC Radio 6 music guru Marc Riley muses on his love affair with Iceland and whale watching

3. BBC Radio 6 music guru Marc Riley muses on his love affair with Iceland and whale watching 

Current DJ and former member of the legendary act, The Fall, offers some thoughts about state of whaling in Iceland and the beauty of the country itself.

Spotlight India: Not easy finding an elephant family in the wild

4.Spotlight India: Not easy finding an elephant family in the wild

An amazing effort by our partners at the Wildlife Trust of India who labored to track an elephant family and then helped two rehabilitated calves cross a river...

5. SLIDESHOW: Remarkable, elusive birth of a baby elephant calf caught in pictures

This set of pictures coupled with an account of the birth itself by the man who took the photos brings a nice close to this week'a list.


These are just a few of the 40 plus we publish every month here on IFAW.org, be sure to subscribe to our Action Alerts for regular updates on IFAW efforts for animals from around the world.

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