Protect baby tigers, lions and other wild animals

tiger cub

Baby tigers, lions, and other wild animals are frequently used by unscrupulous exhibitors for public handling, typically until they are just a few months old. The animals are then often discarded, with many ending up warehoused at roadside zoos and pseudo-sanctuaries or in the hands of unqualified people with private menageries.

There is no reason why any member of the public should ever have direct contact with wild animals and their cubs.

You now have the opportunity to object to this inhumane and dangerous activity. IFAW has joined other animal welfare organizations in a legal petition that urges the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ban all public contact and close encounters with big cats, bears, and primates.

Please take a moment to urge the USDA to create a rule that finally prohibits all public contact with big cats and other species. We will submit all letters to the USDA. It is critical that the U.S. government receives hundreds of thousands of notes urging it to protect big cats, bears, and primates during the public comment period.

We have prepared a template email for you to send. If you prefer, you can personalize this copy to make it more effective. Please ensure that you are polite at all times.

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