Tania McCrea-Steele, Global Wildlife Cybercrime Project Lead, IFAW UK

Tania McCrea-Steele

Global Wildlife Cybercrime Project Lead, IFAW UK

Tania has been with IFAW since 2004 and has been managing our global campaign to stop wildlife cybercrime since 2011. She leads an international team exposing the scale and nature of online wildlife trade in over 20 countries across the globe. Tania has been at the forefront of developing our international strategy and building strong relationships with Government, enforcers, and online tech companies as well as managing partnerships with other non-governmental organisations to ensure that together we stamp out online illegal wildlife trade.

Tania has been at the helm of many of our investigative reports that have exposed how online wildlife crime poses a serious threat to endangered wildlife. These reports have built up momentum that has seen governments proposing stronger legislation, online tech companies introducing robust policies and enforcers stepping up their efforts to catch wildlife cybercriminals.

Tania has also campaigned to protect elephants and other wildlife from the threat of poaching, as well as campaigning to end whaling and Canada’s commercial seal hunt. She previously led our national campaign focused on enforcement of the Hunting Act.

Before joining IFAW, Tania was involved in a number of on the ground conservation and animal welfare projects across the globe.