Championing preserves and corridors

In 2006, we helped to establish two national parks in Russia’s Primorye district–a protected habitat for tigers.

We’ve done similar work in India, home to the largest remaining wild tiger population in the world. We helped triple the size of Manas National Park in northeast India, a protected area and native tiger habitat. We helped relocate a village out from Sariska Tiger Reserve to pave the way for reintroduction of tigers after the local tiger population was killed by poachers. 

The partnership between IFAW and the Wildlife Trust of India (IFAW-WTI) has identified at least 88 critical elephant corridors in India, which are documented in the IFAW-WTI publication – Right of Passage: Elephant Corridors of India.

WTI, with the help of IFAW and other charitable organizations have secured through private purchase and facilitation of voluntary repatriation the following parcels:

  • Kollegal Corridor in Karnataka
  • Wayanad Corridor in Kerala
  • Siju-Rewak Corridor in Meghalaya

Efforts are underway to create several more.

Originally envisioned with elephants in mind, they also benefit other wildlife including tigers and their prey.

We have campaigned for several protected areas to be developed or upgraded, including: