My Elephant Neighbour

We protect what we appreciate and we appreciate what we know. Unfortunately, in many elephant range countries, children have never even seen an elephant or been educated about the challenges elephants face.

Without this exposure, it is unlikely this younger generation will choose to conserve elephants in the future. By 2050, the 10-year-old children of today will be 50 – and they will hold decision-making roles. In order to make decisions for conservation, these children need to be educated about elephants.

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IFAW supports the programme, My Elephant Neighbour, run by our partner organization « Des Eléphants & des Hommes ». Through this programme, we are helping to lead the way towards a better future for elephants – and people – by educating and inspiring African school children to be the conservation leaders of tomorrow! Education is the first step toward achieving long-term, harmonious coexistence between humans and elephants.

The mission of the My Elephant Neighbour programme is to address this issue through education, targeting especially 10-year-old pupils (and parents) and their teachers who live in elephant range states. The priority is to reach those living closest to elephant populations.

Classroom Connections

To learn how your class, school or group can connect with and support a class of primary students in Burkina Faso on a journey towards better elephant conservation, please download our My Elephant Neighbour Guide and Flyer.

My Elephant Neighbour Children's Book

IFAW’s support includes printing and distribution of classroom copies of the illustrated children’s story, My Elephant Neighbour. This engaging book has been written especially for African classrooms taking part in the programme, but it is also appropriate for students anywhere who are interested in human-elephant coexistence. So, your students can read the same book!

Download your classroom copy: English »  French »  Chinese »

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