Keep Wild Animals Wild Online Activities

Interactive classroom activities about wildlife designed to support, supplement and apply learning from the Keep Wild Animals Wild program.


World Map | Ages 5-7

World Map | Ages 5-7 »
Explore the world to learn about how animals are specially suited to live in their habitats.


World Map | Ages 8-10

World Map | Ages 8-10 »
Discover how the buying and selling of wild animals and their parts (wildlife trade) affects animals around the world.


Backyard Naturalist

Backyard Naturalist | Ages 5-7 »
Wild animals live all around us. Some are easy to see, but others are hard to spot. Practice responsible wildlife watching by searching for animal clues with binoculars.


Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware | Ages 8-10 »
Be a responsible shopper by thinking carefully about each product you want to buy, and choose products that do not harm wild animals.


Helping Wild Animals Stay Wild

Helping Wild Animals Stay Wild | Ages 11-14 »
There are many ways we can help animals affected by wildlife trade. Create a plan to help stop wildlife trade at each stage along the wildlife trade chain.