Beneath Cape Cod Waves Video Library

Extend learning through video! IFAW has produced a wide range of engaging and exciting videos that will help your students learn more about marine animals around Cape Cod and beyond.


Threats to Marine Mammals Worldwide

Beneath the Waves Classroom Video – 2008 (14:47) »
As a companion to the global Beneath the Waves-Protecting Marine Wildlife education program, this video dives deep into the world under the seas, exploring whales and other marine wildlife, as well as how human activities are impacting the ocean and the animals that live there.


Marine Mammal Rescue & Research

Overview of the IFAW team in action on Cape Cod (4:30) »
The IFAW Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team go to extreme lengths to save marine animals in crisis along 700 miles of coastline around Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts.



The Night Whale – 2013 – Part 1 (6:46) » | Part 2 (6:47) » | Part 3 (6:43) »
This three-part series follows IFAW's purpose built research vessel, the Song Of The Whale, to Stellwagen Bank off the coast of Cape Cod. She joins a team from NOAA to undertake a first of its kind project to collect a full 24 hours of data from tagged humpback whales. The mission is to learn what these magnificent creatures, especially mother/calf pairs, do at night below the surface.

Humpback whales underwater – 2007 (7:31) »
Various shots of humpback whales underwater in the Dominican Republic, the winter birthing grounds of the same whales that migrate north to summer in the waters off Cape Cod.

Short right whale necropsy time-lapse – May 2016 (0:45) »
A time-lapse video of a necropsy of a right whale calf which washed up dead on the beach in Chatham. Preliminary results from the necropsy revealed large propeller cuts with findings suggesting that the vessel interaction occurred before the whale died. There are only 500 North Atlantic right whales alive today. They are critically endangered and face many threats including entanglements in fishing gear and ship strikes.

*Graphic humpback whale necropsy – September 2010 (5:39) »
Members of IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team describe the process of performing a necropsy when the body of a juvenile humpback whale came to shore on Cape Cod. *NOTE: This video contains detailed images of a whale necropsy. Some viewers, even older students and adults, may find these images disturbing.



31 dolphin rescues – 2017 (0:35) »
The first few months of 2017 saw a high number of dolphin strandings on Cape Cod. In the last week of February, IFAW deployed to seven separate mass strandings (a stranding of two or more marine mammals).Cape Cod is a global hot spot for dolphin mass strandings, and IFAW has vast experience in responding to these events. There are a variety of reasons that factor into what causes dolphins to strand and the exact causes in these cases remains unknown.

Using science to save dolphins – 2017 (6:50) »
Here are five innovative ways IFAW’s team is using science and technology to return healthy stranded dolphins back to sea.

Mass dolphin stranding rescue – 2012 (3:50) »
IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team work tirelessly to help dolphins in distress. Nearly 180 dolphins stranded on Cape Cod during a 36 day period in January/February 2012. Follow a beached mom and calf on their journey back to open water and watch as the team use high-tech equipment to diagnose and release animals before it's too late. The natural sounds of dolphins gasping and chirping and rescuers sloshing through the mud narrate the story.



Dramatic gray seal disentanglement – July 2016 (3:09) »
An IFAW team uses innovative methods during dramatic rescue of a gray seal that had fishing net severely entangled around its neck. Entanglements are one of the greatest human-caused threats to pinnipeds, often caused by fishing gear or human sources of marine debris. This disentanglement in the waters off Chatham marks the first successful seal rescue on the East Coast using remote sedation.

Another gray seal disentanglement – 2011 (1:39) »
An IFAW Marine Mammal Research and Rescue team works to disentangle a gray seal on a Chatham beach in June 2011 - and succeeds!



Endangered manatee rescue (2:54) »
In September of 2016, Washburn the manatee was rescued off the coast of Cape Cod by IFAW's rescue team just as the water temperatures began to drop to a dangerous level. She was brought to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut where she spent 26 days enjoying her heated tank and snacking on endless lettuce. The Mystic Aquarium team then discovered the best part of her rescue.... She was pregnant! She was then flown to Florida (on her own private plane!!) with the help of the United States Coast Guard and SeaWorld, where she continued rehab for a short time. In late October, Washburn was released back into the warm Florida waters to give birth in the wild.

Five fun facts about manatees »