Animal Ambassadors

What can we learn from animals? Lots!

Human activities can affect animals—and sometimes jeopardize species that are at risk.

The way to protect animals is to teach our youngest students about different species, why they are important, and how our decisions impact them. IFAW's Animal Ambassador program delivers classroom-ready resources to teachers of grades K-2 and 3-5 to share those messages, while building important Common Core skills at the same time.

Join the Animal Ambassador Program and get free activities, worksheets, and more!

Start by displaying this free poster in your classroom. Then visit to sign up to become an Animal Ambassador. Each month you’ll receive free materials like these:

  • Copy-and-use worksheets that teach about animals while covering Common Core skills
  • Nonfiction reading passages that provide practice with informational text
  • Writing prompts to help students organize and share their thoughts
  • Small-group activities, whole-group activities, classroom displays, crafts, and more!

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