We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event on earth, with species disappearing at an alarming rate. With species on the brink, each individual animal can make an impact on wild populations.

IFAW’s projects to protect habitat and combat wildlife trafficking focus on the long-term survival of populations and species, while our animal rescue team focuses on saving individual animals in crisis, rehabilitating them, and releasing them to the wild.

With less than 500 Amur tigers left in Russia, IFAW has helped six orphan cubs survive and return to the wild. We have rescued and released many endangered falcons in Russia, and our Beijing Raptor Rescue Center, has cared for more than 4,000 avian patients.

 All three of the female rhinos we rescued and released in India have given birth in the wild, helping to repopulate Manas National Park. Less than 50,000 Asian elephants remain, most of them in India, where our rescue center has raised and released nearly 20 calves with evidence of successful integration into wild herds.

Rescuing Amur Tigers in Russia

Returning Wildlife to Manas National Park, India

Zambia Elephant Orphanage

At the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center, in India, working with Wildlife Trust of India, we care for a wide range of rare species including orphan elephant and rhino calves, tigers, and clouded leopards.

tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.
tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.

tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.

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