How to apply for a Disaster Response Grant

IFAW is helping animals when they need it most during disasters through our IFAW Disaster Response Grant Project. IFAW’s Disaster Response Grants are possible through generous support from The Walt Disney Company and IFAW supporters around the world.

How to apply

Please send an email to briefly describing the emergency and the proposed response. IFAW’s Disaster Response team will review your request and determine whether to invite you to submit a full proposal.

What situations are eligible to submit an IFAW Disaster Response proposal?

Any man-made or natural disaster impacting animals where physical or financial assistance is needed to support local response and recovery.

Examples of man-made disasters (but not limited to): political conflict, financial crisis, large scale cruelty case.

Examples of natural disasters (but not limited to): extreme weather event, earthquake, wildfire, flood.

What criteria are used to evaluate an IFAW Disaster Response Grant proposal?

A successful application should be submitted by a registered nonprofit organization or verified agency and must:

  • Briefly explain the background of the disaster to include the impact on residents and the local infrastructure. For example: potential levee breach in a city and 250,000 residents are under mandatory evacuation orders; impacted area accessible only via boat with permission granted by local emergency management agency.
  • Describe how animals are impacted by the disaster.
  • Clearly describe your organization’s capacity and capabilities to support a response. For example: one local evacuation team of 6 trained responders and two horse trailers for transport.
  • Propose a clear and efficient response plan and budget.
  • Address how your response impact can be monitored and evaluated.