Holiday Gifts for Animals and People

Friday, 2 December, 2005
Yarmouth Port, MA
This holiday IFAW is offering a unique gift for the animal lovers on your shopping list.

You can make a donation in someone’s name to one of five IFAW campaigns. Gifts start at $25 and will directly help animals in need all over the world.

Choose from five unique gifts to help animals:
· Protect baby seals from the annual slaughter of Canada’s commercial seal hunt.
· Nurse orphaned bear cubs back to life.
· Protect endangered elephants from poachers.
· Rescue animals affected by disasters like oil spills and hurricanes.
· Provide desperately needed veterinary services to dogs and cats in the world’s poorest communities.

How it works:
For example, a $50 gift on behalf of your loved one will cover the cost of cleaning one penguin caught in an oil spill. A $25 gift will purchase one day’s worth of fuel for a rescue boat. Or spend $25 for an observation permit for IFAW to escort a journalist to report on the Canadian seal hunt. A $100 gift will pay for a week’s worth of food for four orphaned bear cubs so they can be rehabilitated and released into the wild. A gift of $150 will provide basic field equipment for anti-poaching patrols in Africa that protect endangered elephants, lions and rhinos.

Each gift includes a special gift card describing the animal they’ve saved. Best yet, by contributing now through IFAW’s Gift for Animals you will not only help save an animal, but also make this holiday special for someone you love.

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