Is the Department of obsolete industry becoming…obsolete?

The Department of Obsolete Industry has been working diligently to inform Canadians about the dire state of the Commercial Seal Harvest—and about our department’s initiatives to spend even more tax dollars to keep the Seal Harvest afloat.

But recently journalists and organizations have been turning their backs from the Department’s message. The Parliamentary Press Gallery doesn’t seem to care that the Commercial Seal Harvest needs more and more of our support in the form of massive government transfers. Parliamentarians themselves didn’t show much support this year, and Seal Day on the Hill was a notably absent event. And when the Department of Obsolete Industry attempted to hold a press conference on Sparks Street Mall, right in the heart of our nation’s capital, we were turned down by a rather shady organization calling themselves the Sparks Street Authority.

Does this mean that Canadians no longer care about their own blubber-soaked past? Have the traditional industries supported by the Department of Obsolete Industry truly become…obsolete? What will become of the Commercial Seal Harvest if Canadians continue to turn their back on it?

The Commercial Seal Harvest needs your support. With international markets all but dried up, seal products—from fur, to dried seal penises, to blubber-based paint—need a market. We can’t just keep stockpiling them (even though that’s been one important business development strategy). So please, sign up today for Seal Blubber Innovation Tax Credits, and help keep Canada’s future stuck in the past.