Pakistan Update: “Angels for the Animals”

Unusually heavy monsoon rains have put entire towns in Pakistan under water, displaced millions of people, washed crop fields away, and killed many animals. The International Fund for Animal Welfare and our partners at the Ravi Foundation are supplying lifesaving feed for the animal victims of this devastating flooding. The rural Pakistani farmers and residents we are helping - in the face of such personal hardship – show such a deep concern for their animals. I’d like to share with you a few of their stories; I think these truly speak to the connection between humans and animals:

“I had 32 animals. 20 of them died from the heavy rains and disease. My 12 remaining animals were facing shortage of water. Thanks to IFAW and its partner Ravi Foundation for adopting my animals and providing feed and water. I have no words to thank them. They are like angels for my animals” Sher Muhammad 56, from Union Council Jam Nawaz Ali “I am missing ten goats, one dog and a donkey who did not survive. I still have seven animals. The grass they were eating was full of contaminated water, but they had no other option. Since IFAW and Ravi Foundation have started feeding my animals with wheat bran and wheat straw, the animals are eating happily. I burn dry bushes every night around my animals to keep them safe from mosquitoes” Reena Kumari, 34, from Union council, Hoat Wasan

And from one of the rescuers:

“I fed 15 small goats with milk in a feeder. At first the goats hesitated but as soon as the milk gets in the mouth of the goat, he/she finishes quickly. Once finishing the milk the goat walks around me. It becomes like a friend of mine. I could not express the happiness and contentment of the animals fed with milk” rescuer Johnson Gill.

Thanks to IFAW supporters, so many animals like these have been saved from starvation in Pakistan. IFAW is also helping the animal victims of flooding in India and the Philippines. -- IR

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