The Critical Role of Education in Saving Animals

I was recently talking to a donor who had received one of our mailings and was horrified at the growing number of ivory seizures in recent months. They had no idea that the illicit trade in ivory was booming, and that elephants were still being slaughtered for their tusks. Just as people thought the cruel Canadian commercial seal hunt stopped in the 80s, people think that the ivory trade is dead.

This is why it is so important for us to raise awareness that these crisis have not gone away - they are still here and in some cases bigger than ever. Animals are continuing to die for products that no-one needs. I am so very proud that my fellow Europeans banded together to say no to seal products - the EU ban was one of the highlights of my career. And now I am asking for Europeans to unite once again - together we have a powerful voice. Join us, learn more about the ivory trade and what you can do to save elephants. -- RS 

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