Canadian Puppies Put the Northern Dogs Team Right Where They Want Them

A Canadian northern dog teethes on the authors finger.

Nine puppies.  Three weeks old.  Not wanted.  My community contact has a sixth sense when it comes to my whereabouts so it was no surprise when she found me in Montreal – right where she wanted me.  The deal was this.  The International Fund for Animal Welfare was hosting a workshop in Montreal and Sue and Ann were going to drive the rental van back to Guelph on Thursday morning.  That meant that taking the pups was going to fall right into the ongoing plan -- pick up the puppies from the airport on Wednesday night, keep them overnight and then drive them to their destination Thursday morning.  But of course that was too easy…. the Wednesday pm flight was full : (

The owner of the mum didn’t want the pups but they did want the mum (I had thought they might send her down with the pups).  While it’s not ideal to separate a mum from such young pups, the silver lining in the story is simply this.  If the owners didn’t want the pups, that means there will be nine fewer pups distributed around the community to grow up and have pups of their own (if they lived that long).  It also means that if they didn’t want this litter, they won’t want another and that improves our chances of spaying the mum when we are in the community in June.

Northern dog puppies eating after a long ride.

When the pups arrived, there were only eight.  Puppies are very popular and the neighbour had seen the litter and wanted one.  So one stayed behind but all nine would have stayed behind if other people had known about them.  The chublettes arrived covered in puppy filth but otherwise healthy.  There were six blonds and two grey and buff.  The two largest were males and the rest were females.  I put three each in two cat carriers and two in the last carrier, rented a car and drove them east where they continue to thrive in foster care.  They will be ready for their new families when they are about eight weeks old and I have no doubt they will make eight families smile.

The puppies will be fine.  The issue is that there are too many stories like this everywhere.  Cute puppies always grow into dogs and dogs require time, attention and resources for the duration of their lives.  Remind those in your life what it takes to be a good and responsible dog owner.  Every dog deserves this.

-- JH

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