VIDEO: Four Stranded Dolphins Get a Second Chance

The International Fund for Animal Welfare Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team rescues an Atlantic white-sided dolphin.

It has been a very busy stranding season for our Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team here at International Fund for Animal Welfare. It seems like we get a call or two practically every day to rescue a stranded seal, porpoise or dolphin. One such day was last Wednesday when we got reports of not one but two mass stranding events involving 6 dolphins. Here’s a summary from our IFAW MMRR Manager Katie Moore:

We received the call about 4 dolphins stranded at the Herring River in Wellfleet at 7am.  Unfortunately 2 animals died before we arrived on scene. The other two were rescued and given full health assessments.  While caring for these animals, two more dolphins (mom and calf common dolphins) were reported in Wellfleet Harbor.  With the help of dozens of volunteers, we were able to relocate all four animals to Herring Cove in Provincetown and release them.

Adding to our excitement during their release was the opportunity to film them swimming off using an underwater camera, check it out!


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