Making a Difference In the Lives of Dominican Children

I couldn't help it. When the students at Point Michel St. Lukes primary school started singing their thank you song, my eyes filled with tears.

The children closest to me noticed, and I had to assure them that I wasn't sad. No. I was so happy and touched by their appreciation, and I couldn't stop the tears.

As an educator, there is no bigger thing than knowing you have made a difference in a child's life.

I'm leaving this school in Dominica, but I'll be returning in June.

When I shared this news with the students, and told them about the trip we'd take on a research vessel to apply the skills they've already learned, they jumped and squealed with joy.

The school's principal was also thrilled, and told me that they wholeheartedly support the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Floating Classroom program.

She said that she knows how important it is for these students to learn about the environment and the oceans.

With a response like that, I knew that our work was a success. And, really, I can't wait to return in June.

-- HH

For more information on the International Fund for Animal Welfare effort to save animals around the world visit

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