Unprecedented Proposals for Animal Welfare in China

At the currently convening annual conferences of China People's Congress and People's Political Consultative Committee or PPCC, an unprecedented number of animal welfare and conservation proposals are on the table.

The Chinese Great Hall of the People.

At the currently convening annual conferences of China People's Congress and People's Political Consultative Committee or PPCC, an unprecedented number of animal welfare and conservation proposals are on the table.

These proposals touch upon the program issues that IFAW has been working on for many years, calling for "end tiger farming and trade", "ban Canadian seal imports", "eliminate bear farming", "ban shark fin trade and reduce consumption", and "promulgate animal welfare legislation".

The "ban shark fin trade" proposal has 45 proponents from the PPCC, signed on already including many celebrities. The "animal welfare legislation" proposal was tabled in the People's Congress by a well-known TV personality. The "end tiger trade" proposal was championed by the Chinese artist Mr. Yuan Xikun, whose tiger paintings awed delegates around the world at the tiger summit in St. Petersburg.

We have been working closely with some of the proponents of these proposals. They represent the public sentiments in China to better legislate animal protection and rein in unsustainable consumption. This is a historical moment that should be savored and promoted.

We hope to send a letter to our supporters urging them to support these proposals.

We will keep you updated on these developments.


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7 years ago

Please continue the fight for animals in China. I know that while I'm typing this animlas must be languishing and dying horrible deaths in fur farms and the starving tigers must be waiting for death in tiger farms. But there is definitely a ray of hope. Chinese authorities have shown will power to change things. I know there are powerful vested interests that won't allow things to change so easily. But one thing is certain. The animals will never be forgotten.

7 years ago

The comments by Carol O'Connell and Mimi really sums it up for me. I could not have said it better. Why weren't these issues addressed. When will China prohibit the skinning of dogs and cat alive? AND, dogs and cats should NEVER be used for food. What about the importation of Elephant tusks and Rino horns?

7 years ago

We know that things will not change so quickly in China but this news fills us with hope. We can continue the fight for animals--especially the majestic tigers languishing and dying in farms--with the hope that our concerns will not go totally unheeded by the Chinese authorities. I am grateful to the IFAW and all other organizations and individuals fighting for animals in China. Le the fight continue. It is going to be a tough and frustrating battle---like the one being fought for seals in Canada. But we must NEVER give up.

7 years ago

This is good news indeed. But how about the lives of the dogs in the dog farms in Northern China, and the cat farms in Canton province, the habit of monkey brain consumption, where the baby monkeys being taken away from the mother monkey's cage and have their heads cut open for the patrons to have as a delicacy, all this barbaric conducts are being carried out in front of the mother, and the mother cries as she watches in her own locked cage, and how about the dogs being tested for chemicals in the science laboratory such as for acid testing (they poured acid on the dogs to see how long it'll take him to die)? How about the puppy mills in China? I agree it is a great start, but my heart bleeds for all the suffering animals in China, may they never be forgotten or left behind.

7 years ago

Hey this is great news and a long time in coming. I sincerely hope the Chinese leaders will see that it is time to change their extremely "historical ways" and pass the legislation needed to protect the nations very beautiful and innocent animals. I also hope that the dreadful fur farms we read about will be outlawed, there is no place in the world for such cruelty and "no one" has the right to inflict such suffering on any other

living creature. I am also hoping that the issue of the live animal markets will also be addressed there seems to be so much torment and suffering - being a western person I find it abhorrent that there are cages and cages full of dogs and cats watching their fellows being slaughtered and waiting for their turn.

I believe the market workers are inordinately cruel to these animals, which include donkeys, goats, turtles,

snakes anything really! China, it is time to change your ways - it is called progress - don't let the rest of the

world ridicule you for your terrible animal welfare. China is one of the countries on top now economically - its time to act like it!!!

7 years ago

[...] the International Fund for Animal Welfare for permission to republish this report, which appeared on their website on March 7, 2011. Legal Issues, Partner Blogs, Posts Bears, China, Seals, Shark finning, [...]

7 years ago

We hope the Chinese authorities will heed to the protests of animal lovers from all over the world. The international community should also come forward and provide assistance to China in phasing out its tiger farms and humanely rehabilitating tigers. The needless suffering and abuse of animals should end. Let the Chinese leaders realise that now is the time to change the country's image for good and preserve the beautiful animals for the benefit of the people.

7 years ago

This is an amazing news, hopefully it will come to something. Fingers crossed!!

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