Northern Dogs Update: Getting Used to Two Squares a Day

Over the last couple of weekends, the International Fund for Animal Welfare has received eight dogs from the north for rehoming. Some of the dogs have already been adopted while others are in foster homes getting to know the ropes of indoor living which include (but are in no way limited to!) housetraining, scary floors, televisions, spooky mirrors, cats, leash walking, and the big one – the realization that food is a regular occurrence.  I’m still telling Gracie that she can count on being fed every single day – in fact, count on two times a day plus treats – and while the spinning and tail wagging and big toothy grins are charming, they aren’t necessary.  She’s getting it but like Luke and Maya (below), you just can’t be too sure in the beginning so best to err on the side of caution and eat everything… really fast… and eat everyone else’s food… and if you can, counter surf, find garbage, and even eat plants… or dirt.

I get to hear many of the stories (the small steps and the great adoptions) as these pups make their personal journeys to their new families.  Here are some for sharing….

Moose the puppy.

- Well, wee Moosetrack (Moose) is doing just great!  He has an amazing personality...he's so laid back yet super affectionate and playful.  We have all fallen for him. Starbuck and Moose have become best friends and play, play, play!!!  He absolutely loves his walks and meeting new people.  For such a little guy, he has great doggy social skills.  I've yet to have a puppy foster that my own dogs accept so readily! Moose does super in his crate as he knows he always gets a meaty bone from the butcher or a pig's ear when it is time to go in.  He is eating well and discovering the joy of toys!  He is an absolute joy to foster and we feel so glad he is with us!

- Luke has been AWESOME!!  He has learned to come on command and sit on command.  Luke and Daisy play well together and there has been very little "growling" between them. He hasn’t learned to bark at the door yet but they spend so much time outside playing that he hasn't really needed to. He sleeps wonderfully through the night, going to bed at around 10 and sleeping right through.  Luke is getting better with his food, slowing down a bit when he eats.  He does not seem to be hungry all of the time but he will drink too much if you let him.  I have been putting the toilet seats down because he likes to gulp the water :  )

Ernest the dog.

- Just wanted to let you know that Maya is just fabulous.  She is acting like such a puppy it is wonderful to see.  Her fur is getting much better (after plenty of brushings and fish oil supplements on her food) and she's filling out already.  She is a strong, strong girl.  Maya is a little less the peacemaker and more the playful bunny these days; she adores rolling around in the snow in my back yard.  One of my dogs was a little leery of her at first but since Saturday they've been play buddies. My other dog tries to play with her but he has this unique spinning attack that she's unsure of as of yet.  Her leash walks are going well; she's very enthusiastic but learning.  Maya is just so much fun to have in the house.  She is learning to be less enthusiastic in her consumption of food, and the other dogs food...and the kitties food...and attempts at eating the humans' food....:) but has so far been a lady in her approach to my cats.  She's great with kids and I know she is going to be a fantastic family dog!

Gaia the dog.

- We are doing great!  Gaia is just so wonderful. Belly rubs, loves the deck and went for great long off-leash walk at the park.  The slow introduction with my cat and Gaia is going very well - no hisses at all from the cat side of things so far. Are you sure it is still ok to drop off Gaia on Sunday just for the night? I will pick her up around 5 pm on Monday...-I miss her already.

- And finally, Ernest who was so fantastic he even made the news! And by the way, yes, Ernest has found his happy ending.

-- JH

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