Russian Beauty Lada Finds Her Family

The following post about a Moscow street dog named Lada comes courtesy of Dr. Kati Loeffler, the International Fund for Animal Welfare veterinary advisor based in China, and Mila Danilova, consultant for IFAW-Russia.

Lada checking out her new wheels

This is Lada. She is a strong, energetic dog who flies over snow banks and slides 10 meters on the icy ground before she can stop her enthusiastic approach. She scrambles around to try another approach but her tail beats furiously and propels her past her target again. It takes a few tries, but at last she finds the hand and laughing human face held out to her and licks them slobbery.

Lada greets complete strangers as though they were long-lost best friends. She greets dogs of all sizes and familiarity as though they were her playmates around her mother’s paws. She is happiest in a sea of children who push and shove each other to stroke her and run with her.

But for all this social talent and enthusiasm, Lada has spent most of the last four years lying alone in a kennel with her chin on her paws, looking sad and lonely. She had been abandoned in a dog sweep by the Moscow municipality and Tess has cared for her ever since. The staff at Tess love her and do all they can to care for her well. But a shelter and a lonely kennel is no place for a dog, much less for a dog like Lada.

Lada with her new family and her head's a blur of excitement.

Last week a woman and her grown son walked up Tess’s drive out of a snowstorm and announced that they would like to adopt a dog. They have had dogs for years and recently lost one, and it was time to replace canine love into their home. The household consists of 10 people spanning three generations. It is noisy and loving and always active and adoring of dogs. It sounds like Lada’s dream home.  They fell in love with Lada the moment she came leaping from the kennels and skidded across the ice to lap their faces.

We smiled through our tears to see her go. It is impossible not to love Lada, and we will miss her. But much more than missing her, we are ever so happy that she has finally found her family.

-- HL

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7 years ago

She sounds so much like our newly adopted dog,Jack. He is a huge bundle of loving energy and he really loved romping in the snow this winter. We saved him from kennel-life and he saved us with his antics and his love. I am so happy for Lada and her new family.

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