Bearing Small Fruit for Whales In the House of Lords

As part of the campaigning work we do at IFAW, we often brief politicians to raise awareness of these same issues and to lobby them to enact change. It’s always pleasing to see our concerns get raised in the corridors of power, like they have been in the UK Parliament this last week.

On Wednesday, there was a question about whaling in the House of Lords. You can read the transcript of the debate here.

We are delighted that noble Lords and Baronesses are pressing this issue, especially the need to improve the governance of the International Whaling Commission, which has been beset with allegations of vote-buying and corruption in recent years.

While admiring the quip from UK Environment Minister, Lord Henley, that voting at the IWC can resemble the Eurovision song contest, I’m a bit disturbed he doesn’t view last year’s investigation by the Sunday Times as direct evidence of vote-buying!

It was pleasing, however, to see the UK Government confirm once again that the UK and other EU Member States view whaling as incompatible with EU membership. This is another clear statement that if Iceland wants to join the EU, as it is currently negotiating to do so, then it will have to give up whaling.

Our thanks go out to Baroness Parminter for raising this subject in the House of Lords. She also wrote an excellent article on the subject on ePolitix, which you can read here.

We look forward to continued lobby and debate on the issue of whaling and your support is crucial. Stay tuned.

-- MC

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