Homes for the Holidays: 5 Questions for Renowned Illustrator Bob Staake

[caption id="attachment_2840" align="alignleft" width="194" caption="One of two featured posters available when you donate to the IFAW Holiday Giving program. Click to enlarge."]
99 Cats and 1 Dog by Bob Staake.

Recently I sat down and asked renowned illustrator Bob Staake a few questions for our readers. It was Bob who created the "99 Cats and 1 Dog/99 Dogs and One Cat" posters IFAW is currently featuring in our Homes for the Holidays giving campaign. He's been a terrific supporter of this particular IFAW effort:

AW: What inspired you to create the "99 Dogs/1 Cat + 99 Cats/1 Dog" posters?

"People are always pointing out the dogs and cats in my children's books, so I thought I'd sit down one rainy spring weekend and draw a bunch of them. Maybe the fact that it was raining cats and dogs all that weekend was my REAL inspiration."

AW: Which is your favorite?

"For some weird reason, I think I like the dogs and cats that have checkerboard patterns in their fur. Whether you bark or purr, you just have to admire a fashion statement like that."

AW: Do you have a pet dog or cat?

"No, but sometimes the interns in the studio smell like wet dog."

AW: What has been your experience working with IFAW?

"Couldn't have been more enjoyable. As an artist, I'm just always happy to lend my talents to any non-profit that tries to do the right thing in this crazy world."

AW: What do you think is the funniest animal in the world?

"A kangaroo. Any animal with a pouch is comedy gold."

Thanks Bob, we like kangaroos too, happy holidays!


-- JC

For more information about this year's Holiday Giving program, visit the IFAW web site.

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