Northern Dogs Effort: Pootchie has landed!

An abused dog named Pootchie arrives.

Little Pootchie was being buried alive when the police found her and took her to IFAW's community contact that night. She was in pretty bad shape and her ‘nurse’ wasn't sure she even had two eyes because her face wasn’t the way it was supposed to be … blood was coming from her eyes and she wasn’t moving (hypothermic).

She is now back from the vet's and while she is suffering from a broken nose and tail, she is expected to make a full recovery.  So when IFAW received the call to help Pootchie find the good life, the issue was not taking her (of course we would), the issue was getting her down.

With a tight schedule that includes meetings, workshops and travel halfway across the world in mid November, I couldn’t find the time to pick her up even if she could make it part way down. I lay awake at 5 am worrying through logistics when I thought – Cloud Nine Rescue Flights! Ted, owner and pilot, received a text from me at 6 am asking if he could head up north and bring Pootchie home. By noon that day, we had a day, a time and Pootchie was scheduled to fly Cloud Nine on Tuesday.

Now I have been told repeatedly that I should keep Pootchie because she is an unbelievably awesome pup... smart, easily trained and loving of everyone -- despite her early trauma. When I asked if her tail was crooked I was told that you can't tell because she's always wagging it. Even though I do want a classroom dog, now is not the time to be falling in love with dog number four. Dog number three still needs work!

On Tuesday, Ted flew right into my local airport with his cargo. “Cargo” means sitting on the copilot’s lap or relaxing in a crate right behind the flight deck-peoples’ heads. Out came Kuji the boxer, two gorgeous cats, and Pootchie.

Pootchie is about 4 months old and she looks like a lab cross (although I can't be sure and it doesn't matter to her personality). She is mostly black with white freckled feet and a long, white bib from her chest onto her belly. She also has a small white patch under her chin.

Pootchie is sweet and loving and curious. She’s people oriented but she also likes to be with the big dogs and is typically well socialized from her life on the street. She’s almost house trained, sleeps in a crate at night by the bed and she already knows 'sit'. She knows her name and happily pads over when you call her. She’s not hyper but she loves to rumble about exploring and eating things she’s not supposed to eat. She is smart (as I was told!) and interactive and she’s going to flourish in a home with another dog and/or a person who is home at least part of the day.

All that’s left of Pootchie’s rough beginning is a crooked tail and a bump on her head. Her nose looks normal and she’s now able to eat kibble so it’s obviously healing. There is no neurological or physical damage from her mistreatment and people are amazed at her joyous personality... she has left whatever happened to her and is only looking forward to that good life she was promised!


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7 years ago

YAY! I hope Pootchie is okay now!

7 years ago

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7 years ago

I hope that all can be treated well.. equally.. human and animals.. we need each other.. to make this a planet.. for live on.....
God have mercy if we dont.......


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