Crocodile Rescued in village near Tsavo West National Park

By Nana Grosse-Woodley. August 2010

Rescued croc from Tsavo.With the dry season beginning to bite now in Tsavo, more and more waterholes and dams are drying out, inside and outside the park, as well as on community land.

In one of the villages neighbouring Tsavo West National Park, in the Nthongoni/Makutano area, the water behind one of the dams started to dry up. The lower the water level sank, the more a crocodile became visible. Instead of setting upon killing the reptile, villagers alerted the chief of the community who then called Tsavo West to come and take the crocodile away.

KWS Sergeant Mutiso arrived by means of the Land Cruiser donated by IFAW and single-handedly caught the crocodile. He tied it up for safe transport and about an hour and a half later released it back to freedom at Mzima Springs inside Tsavo West National Park. Mzima is a natural spring that holds fresh water year round. It is home to several other crocodiles. Being a young female, this rescued croc has a good chance of settling here and living a life of plenty.

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