VIDEO: IFAW China: Kung Fu Elephant

This post was filed by the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Lisa Hua, campaigns manager in our China office...Where Lisa works with the local government officials to help educate rural populations on community development and ways to deal with the rare but serious wild Asian elephant encounters.

Video of an Asian elephant in a Yunnan province village cornfield... I finally got chance to see a herd of wild elephants in Yunnan after I’ve been working on this project for 6 years, but sadly, I saw them in the village corn fields...

Locals are grateful to IFAW’s help with alternative farming & community development and establishment of the precautionary system based on the monitoring result which strengthened their endurance to elephant damage and reduce their direct encounter with wild elephants.

This week the second round of IFAW AAW teacher training will be organized by local forestry bureau and education bureau. With their help, we are building up a school education network in Pu’er which enables us to have our message disseminated through this network and brought home by those kids at school.

I just learned that to encourage more teachers to participate in our teacher training program, local education bureau will actually put this training into their annual teacher performance assessment system, which means those who attend our training can earn more points in their own performance assessment.

This is definitely a great support to our training and hope what we delivered in the training can help those teachers with more ideas of education activities and development of their local school environmental education textbook, which help raise the conservation awareness among the children and, in turn, change their parents attitude towards the homeland they share with elephants and other animals.

The short video in the link below is made on the footage provided by our project partner, Pu’er Forestry Bureau (they have the copyright of the footage). An elephant calf’s working diligently to break a bamboo branch. I named the video as “Kung Fu Elephant” and the words in subtitles go as follows. Hope you enjoy it.

I used to live in the jungle with variety of foods

I don’t mean to hurt you

Please don’t spoil me with corns

Don’t be lured for my ivory

Don’t prison me in the fragmented home (or in the breeding facility)

Give my land back to me

I’ll show you my magic Kung Fu

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