IFAW India: Rescued bear cub named 'Cachar' - "A Good Day".

Bear cub cwrc 12 (Medium) The following post was submitted by International Fund for Animal Welfare's Sashanka Barbaruah reporting from the Indian Northeast state of Assam.

What a week it has been. One of these days, I am going to sit down and write something about my experience of the radio collaring of a bear, but I'm afraid it won't be today. And, really, it's so easy to say "one of these days..." I usually write blog posts in my head, while I'm, taking a bath in the morning or about to sleep at night, and earnestly, those moments are always full of interesting ideas. But when I actually sit to write them down, I seem to end up toying with the idea and mess it up with other tasks I have at hand. Anyway, a lot has happened this week, and some of it is really worth sharing with you.

The orphaned two-month old Asiatic black bear cub which was rushed to the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Centre near Kaziranga National Park for hand-raising and eventual release back in the wild, has been named “Cachar”.

“The name Cachar seemed to strike the right balance of being a quiet male, aggressive, not so friendly, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. Moreover the cub was brought to the center from North Cachar Hills, after which the cub has been named”, said Dr Phulmoni Gogoi, an IFAW vet at the center.

When I was visiting last week, she asked me not to go too close to the cub as he is very aggressive and might attack. He really is unlike many other bear cubs that I’ve seen before. Cachar seems to be very shy, quiet and really doesn’t like the presence of human beings. He is so unpredictable that at times he has even attempted to attack his keeper!

Bhini, is the ‘human surrogate mother’ presently taking care of Cachar. He patiently feeds him five times a day. The food consists of milk, honey and fruits. Since Cachar arrived to the center, Bhini has gradually started to make him eat out of a bowl, and although he is sometimes bottle-fed, he is starting to eat nicely on his own. The day I was there I was able to take some pictures while the cub was drinking milk. It was a good day.


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