IFAW Canada: Sheryl Fink asks is the seal hunt really worth it?

Hunt-4-8-097_web After three days of filming, our team now has plenty of video evidence to show that the "three-step process" is not being followed, that sealers are not abiding by the Marine Mammal Regulations, and that there is little in the way of enforcement being conducted by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

So far just under 30,000 seals have been reported killed, and the number of boats out drops day by day. Pelt prices for this year haven't been confirmed, but we can do a rough calculation by using an estimate of $20 a skin - slightly higher than last year. If we take the average catch / boat and divide by the number of sealers that are likely on board, we can surmise that sealers may have made $500-$800 each this year, before deductions are taken for fuel (which will be significant this year) and food. At best, these past four days of slaughter might have earned sealers a few hundred dollars each.

Having watched the sealers at work in the freezing cold and bone-chilling winds, stumbling in haste on tiny ice pans, tripping and falling on boat decks slippery with blood, the question comes to mind, "is it really worth it?"

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