Cheers: Apple clubs Seal Clubbing App

A Newfoundlander who designed a seal-clubbing video game claims he can't understand why it was rejected by Apple. Numerous media outlets have now reported that the "iSealClub" App will not be available for download.
The game would allow users to use their iPhone or iTouch to club cartoon seals. The developer of the software claimed the App was "light-hearted" and cartoon based, saying "It's not what you would consider a very violent game. I know it involves clubbing seals, but (it's) no different than the way people get clubbed in Mickey Mouse or Looney Tunes."

The difference, of course, is that the clubbing and skinning of baby seals is not just a cartoon - it is a violent and brutal reality off Canada's east coast, with over 65,000 seal pups killed so far this year - all of them under 8 weeks of age. It is an activity that the majority of Canadians - and apparently decision makers at Apple - find offensive and repugnant.

The iSealClub App will now share the distinction of being rejected by Apple with other equally inappropriate and distasteful Apps, such as the BabyShaker, where a player shakes babies until they stop crying, and Wobble iBoobs , where the users could "interactively jiggle a particular part of the female anatomy."

Congratulations Apple on making what is clearly the right decision.

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