IFAW Canada: High-Flying Adventures for Rescued Dogs

A puppy in the First Nations communityIt happened as it usually does with a phone call or an email. But this time the request was slightly different. Rather than someone from a community serviced by IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project asking for help, the request was from an external source looking to move dogs from a community in northern Ontario. A teacher working in the northern community had contacted the Ontario SPCA in Newmarket to ask for help with a family of dogs that the teachers had been feeding.

While the OSPCA was committed to receiving the dogs at this end, they needed help moving the dogs from the north to the south. To do this, they enlisted the help of a dog transport service to sort out the logistics and IFAW for input on removing dogs from a First Nations community.

Moving dogs often begins with someone feeding them in the community and ends with finding them a home… which is often far away. But, in between are a whole host of issues and logistics that need to be taken care of to safely and respectfully remove an animal. Think about it…. at the community end, the dogs are at home and at ease in their environment, whether they are adequately taken care of or not.

Most have never been inside a house or a car, and certainly not on an airplane. This doesn’t mean they can’t acclimatize quickly to a different way of life, it just means that it needs to be part of the decision-making process. And again, just because a dog is roaming doesn’t mean the dog doesn’t have an owner -- it’s imperative to have the owner’s permission before thinking about re-homing anyone. This goes for moving a dog from Thailand or Ecuador or China…. or northern Ontario.

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