IFAW Russia: Orphan Bear Cub Diaries, April 6, 2010

The following was submitted by Marja Kingma, International Fund for Animal Welfarevolunteer currently working from IFAW's Orphan Bear Rescue Center in Bubonitsy, Russia.

Bearscloseup3Since a few days the bigger bears are allowed to walk around the bear house. They need to practice their walking and build up strength before they are transferred to the enclosure in the woods. Nota and Nadya are walking and climbing really well;

Bolya is already sitting up whilst eating, but Veles and Lena are still lying down whilst feeding.

Lena drinks about two bottles of semolina porridge per feed. She constantly moves her front paws and gets her nails stuck in my gloves. She gets very excited when feeding and lets go of the bottle and then has to find it again. But she finishes the bottles very quickly, gulping down the porridge in a few minutes.

We've started to make her eat from a bowl. We put one in front of her and push her snout in. Even if she is not hungry it is a good training for her. The two radio-collared bears are doing fine- they have been spotted in the vicinity; there is too much snow around for them to move away very far.

Another film crew has arrived- primarily to make a film about Letitia's wolf project, but they are also interested in the bears. Of course, who wouldn't be?

For more information on IFAW's work with bears, please visit https://ifaw.org

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