IFAW Russia: Two New Orphaned Cubs Rescued

RussiaBearsLena_0750 This post about two orphaned Russian bear cubs was filed from the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Bear Rehabilitation Center. The notes below come from our staffer Lena Averianova.

On March 2, two bear cubs (female) arrived from the town of Demyansk, Bolshie Louki village, Novgorod region. The people we know called us and told that some villagers in Bolshie Louki were keeping two bear cubs. So we went there.

The head of Demyansk administration, Alexander Pavlovich Fyodorov, met us and showed the way to the village where the bear cubs were kept. People brought these bear cubs to the village after the hunt of January 29 (their eyes already open). This means that the age of these bear cubs should have been between 30 and 32 days already. Men went to hunt not far from Bolshie Louki and came across an adult bear. The bear emerged from her den. One of the hunters managed to climb a tree, while the bear attacked his colleague. Still the second hunter managed to shoot, and eventually killed the animal. The hunters claim the bear was already injured. When they examined the site, they found three bear cubs.

The den looked like a small hollow, its bottom covered with branches. The bear was most likely scared off by someone, and gave birth to her cubs right there. So she had little time to arrange her den properly. The hunters brought the cubs to villagers, who kept them in their own home till March 2. One of the cubs died, however, when it occasionally crawled out of the basket and got entangled in a rope. Two other cubs were taken to the IFAW Bear Rescue Center in Bubonitsy village.

We have not given them names yet – decided to observe the way they behave first. The bear cub with two white spots on her neck weighs 3 kg. 10 g., while the other, spotless, weighs 2 kg. 850 g. We keep them in a wooden box with a heat mat on the floor. After feeding we allow them to play with other bear cubs for a shot while. Both of them feel well.

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