It's the seal hunt that's crazy, not the protesters

The Hamilton Spectator.
Re: 'Nuts 2, sealers 0' (Viewpoint, Sept. 22)

Say what you will about some of the stunts put on by activist groups, but opposing the seal hunt is not "nuts."

Government rhetoric aside, decades of observation and veterinary
studies show that in Canada's commercial seal hunt, animals continue to
be killed in an inhumane manner. Eating seal is the photo op of choice
for politicians, but in reality the vast majority of seal meat is left
to waste, something that would not be tolerated in any other wildlife

Millions of Canadian taxpayers' dollars continue to be wasted each
year on the slaughter of seals for their fur, an unnecessary product
with rapidly disappearing markets.

The seal hunt provides only a few days' employment, with a landed
value of barely a million dollars last year. It continues to bring
shame and criticism upon our country, and it continues to be opposed by
the majority of Canadians who would rather see it ended and
compensation provided to sealers.

In spite of this, Stephen Harper's government has made it clear it
will spare no expense in trying to keep the seal hunt afloat. That's
what I call crazy.

-- Sheryl Fink, Senior Research and Projects Specialist, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Guelph

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