Clouded Leopard Cubs rescued in India

Clouded Leopard Close-up with IFAW logo and gloves back 2 Two endangered clouded leopard cubs were rescued from a villager in northeast India. It is likely that these two cubs became orphaned after their mother was killed. The animals were handed over to IFAW-WTI teams in India and are currently undergoing rehabilitation.

Clouded leopards are endangered animals and are found in high altitude terrain in the border area between India and Bhutan. The IUCN estimates that the clouded leopard population could be fewer than 10,000 individuals with a decreasing population that is already regionally extinct in Singapore and the Chinese province island of Taiwan.

At the moment, the cubs are doing well. When weighed yesterday, one was 1.3 kg and the other one exactly 1 kg. When they were admitted in 27 March, they weighed 800 gm and 700 gms respectively. They are constantly bottle-fed with about 40 ml of milk and were introduced to mashed liver soup given once a day. Just before the morning and evening feeds, they are taken out and exposed to the sunlight for about 30 minutes. Their eyes are now fully open and the cubs have been observed to be active both during the day and night. Work is already in place to identify a suitable site for the cubs’ reintegration to the wild!

Stay tuned for more on these brave clouded leopard cubs that have a chance at life thanks to the generous contribution of IFAW supporters.

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9 years ago

I am very happy to hear the cubs are doing well. More animal rehabilitation facilities should be constructed all around the world.

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