Government of Canada Annouces Outrageous Seal Hunt Quota

Posted by Sheryl Fink, IFAW Senior Researcher

In the same week that Russia annouced an end to the hunting of seals under a year old, the Canadian goverment released today that they will allow for the slaughter of 280,000 harp seal pups this year.

This is outrageous.  This quota is completely indefensible. It’s not supported by markets, it’s not supported by the DFO’s own management plan, and it’s certainly not going to be supported by the majority of Canadians.

For the past two years we’ve seen saturated markets for seal fur, and pelt prices are now the lowest in recent memory.  If this is a market-based hunt, as the government claims, the quota for this year should be zero.

The federal government’s determination to ignore reality on this issue is totally irrational.  There are no markets for seal products, and with a potential European-wide ban on the horizon, no signs that the economic outlook is going to improve anytime soon. While our politicians trip over themselves to support commercial sealing, our taxes are being wasted on bailing out an anachronistic, dangerous, dead-end industry.

How ironic that two days after Russia announced an end to its commercial harp seal hunt, Canada is condemning one-third of the pups born here to a cruel and unnecessary death. Our government is insistent on keeping Canada stuck in the dark ages.  Canadians would be much better served by a government that will stop playing politics, stop wasting our taxes, and start investing in alternative, economically viable employment opportunities.

Canada’s commercial seal hunt will be under intense scrutiny this year, as the European Union considers banning the trade in seal products.

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9 years ago

Today when I read my newspaper and saw the quota for this years slaughter I cried. I want to run out in my yard and scream!!! How can this be! The world watches our national disgrace but this quota is beyond all belief. How? How? How can this be! We all try so hard with letters, etc. And for what? These fools in Ottawa with their heads in the sand! Can't they see the truth of this national disgrace. I want to throw my hands up in the air and just give up but I won't. THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT!! I am now more dedicated then ever to stopping this slaughter but in the meantime my tears will come for the saddness I feel right now but the anger this has brought out in me will not be broken. We must all keep hoping that somehow we will manage to stop this. It just has to be stopped!

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