Comprimise Released To Kill Whales, Not Protect Them

Between entanglements, ocean noise pollution, and commercial whaling the cause to protect the world’s whales has never been more urgent. Right now, off the coast of the Southeast United States two critically endangered North Atlantic right whales are trapped in fishing gear. If not freed they face near certain death. Luckily NOAA disentanglement teams are planning an emergency response as I type. Hopefully, if the weather cooperates they’ll successfully free these whales from the life threatening entanglement. The Southeast United States coast, off the coast of Georgia and Florida, is the only known calving ground for these critically endangered whales. Right whales constantly navigate a gauntlet of fishing gear and dodge boat traffic throughout their range between Florida and Canada’s Bay of Fundy. It’s a tough life being a right whale, and it’s about to get a whole lot tougher. Despite efforts of IFAW and others the Navy is ramping up to conduct sonar exercisesright near this critical habitat. Naval sonar has been proven a direct link to whale strandings around the world.

As if whales don’t face enough problems, Japan’s whaling fleet is searching through the pristine waters around Antarctica with one goal in mind, to kill whales.

While the whalers finger rests on the trigger, thousands of miles away the twenty eight nations that make up a ‘small working group’ of the International Whaling Commission have released a preliminary package dealthat will actually allow commercial whaling. Seriously, I still can’t believe I’m saying that. Does common sense elude the IWC? Whale stocks around the world were decimated in the old days of whaling. Their populations are only a small fraction of today’s numbers, yet we’re lifting the moratorium on commercial whaling? Looks like the compromise won't go to far as just hours after the proposal was released Japan already had rejected it. You can tell the Obama administration that there should be no compromises when it comes to whales; if anything they need more protection! You can click here to send a letter to a US member of Congress and let your opinion be heard. We’re delivering your message, along with other members of the Whales Need US coalition, right to President Obama with a Download Obama Letter to protect the world’s whales.

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8 years ago

Thanks Raiuli and Piter,
Sorry for not coming back sooner to check the Ifaw blog.
Currently my blog is under construction so it is mostly a photo blog , but I have some news from Iceland and Norway( not so good news for whale friends, but it is always good to see what different actors in the whaling business do!)
On whaling , check the posts :
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