Bushfire emergency in Australia - a message from Erica Martin

On behalf of everyone at IFAW I wish to express our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods during the terrible bushfires in Victoria.

In tough times, Australians have a reputation for banding together and helping those less fortunate and this crisis is proving to be no exception with the outpouring of support for people affected by the fires. With the many thousands of animals injured or now at risk from starvation our deep gratitude goes to all the wildlife carers and rescuers who are putting their own needs second to those of the animals.

IFAW is already rushing urgently needed aid to wildlife volunteers who are helping to save as many animals as they can and we are working with local carers and authorities on how best to help during the coming days, weeks and months. Information from the field will be updated on this blog and the IFAW website.

Erica Martin
IFAW Asia Pacific

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9 years ago

I give the best to those loved once still missing. All the animals saved are very lucky. I thank all helpers you have saved so many lives. I am so thankful the world has so many heros!

9 years ago

I wish the best for all those affected and my deepest sympathies for those who've lost loved ones.
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